Sheepoll. Verb. The act of polling to determine the black sheep and white sheep of a given audience.

For example, Stacey announces, "We should totally sheepoll the office! I wonder who is, like, the most average person here. I bet it’s, like, Steve from accounting."

Here, Stacey thinks that Steve from accounting will be the white sheep. In fact, when sheepolled, we found Stacey to be the white sheep and Steve to be a dark grey. Stacey hates being average. Stacey also hates Steve.

Now... make the questions in that poll ridiculous. Add a comedic MC, a wise-cracking DJ, sheep cartoon jingles, online avatar sheep, sweet tunes, audience interaction and an all-in Mass Debate, and you have yourself: The Sheepoll Show. A 2-hour, comedy-fuelled, interactive game show for pubs and bars.

The Sheepoll Show uses the Sheepoll app to sheepoll an audience (see above definition if confused). By comparing the responses of those answering our silly subjective questions, the show uncovers important stats like: 94% of people pee in the ocean; 64% think that Donald Trump would beat Ronald McDonald in a game of Monopoly, and; the best way to make friends whilst travelling overseas is "boobs".

Fun, social and interactive. The barriers of performer and audience are completely removed, creating a unique show where they both contribute to the content and the entertainment.

The experience is free, comical and insightful! It's awesome with a group, makes a perfect first date and even works if you want to play with yourself... or is that 'by' yourself... regardless you’ll no doubt enjoy the Mass Debate.

In the end we use the Sheepoll app to see how the majority has ruled and where you fit in. The ‘most average person in the room’ is hailed as the White Sheep, and likewise, we celebrate the wonderfully ‘unique freak’ – the Black Sheep. Both players are given 1st place venue vouchers and kickass sheep shirts to match their freshly unveiled identities. Participants can also win prizes along the way by giving creative or hilarious responses.

Oh, and at the end of the night, everyone is matched with their Poll Mate and their Pollar Opposite! That is, the person you answered most similarly to and most different to. How cool is that!

Curious about where you sit in society? Are you an average white sheep like Stacey, a unique outlier black sheep, or somewhere in between like Steve? Find out at your local show and discover the real ewe.

SO, How does it work?

  • Let’s get something straight. The Sheepoll Show is a weekly 2-hour question-based entertainment show for pubs and bars, but it certainly ain't trivia! Nobody leaves feeling stupid and anybody can walk away a winner. You don't find one or two members of a team dominating the question-answering, because everyone contributes! In fact, you don’t even have teams! The gameplay revolves around banter and debate, and even though individuals submit their own responses, you find there is more cross-table conversation and social interaction than trivia. Over two rounds, the gameplay is comprised of 15 different segments made up of 28 polls and 4 prize games. Each segment boasts it’s own quirky sheep-themed cartoon and jingle, as well as its own polls and rules. Unlike trivia, our polls are designed to divide crowds and spark friendly debate. Like: 'Would you rather only age from the shoulders up or nipples down?'' or 'What would be the the coolest way to die?' The experience is powered by the Sheepoll app, an interactive, real-time data collection platform. Purposely built to enable simultaneous interaction between the host’s controls, the players’ responses and the central display screen, Sheepoll can poll hundreds of players in an instant, allowing the pace of the show to never slow.

  • Despite being really clever, it also features a lot of quirky and cute elements to keep the flow fun and engaging. For example, players have a Baabaatar, an online sheep avatar, that represents them and changes appearance according to how questions are answered. Not forgetting the most important people there, The Sheepoll Show features not one, but two hosts - the MC and the DJ. While the MC normally bounces around the room to indulge in audience interaction, the DJ drops fresh tunes and regularly chimes in with their own Statler and Waldorf-style commentary to contrast and oppose the MC. Each poll is humorously debated and dissected by both hosts and audience members under a careful blend of formulated show structure, with a ‘let’s see what happens and run with it’ attitude. Generally, The Sheepoll Show players are quickly absorbed within a whirlwind of witty remarks, ridiculous propaganda and passionate debates amongst friends. It is this atmosphere that makes our little sheep show a truly entertaining, engaging and unique experience.


    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to host The Sheepoll Show. In fact, if you’re a confident speaker with a curious mind and a bit of pizzaz, you're already halfway there.


    Along with the seemingly obvious duty to maintain a groovy musical vibe throughout the evening, there’s a little more to being a Sheepoll DJ then just lining up sweet beats... they get to speak!

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